Social Enterprise v Charity - My Next Trip to Kenya

Bigger, better... 

As I'm sat it the airport reflecting, I am happy at the decisions we have made together with @runnersheal . Initially we looked at a charity, but I was never 100% comfortable with this. Not only am I personally clueless with charity operations, the reputation of some organizations have tarred the brush - where as social enterprises are on the up. As a general manager in my day job, with an eye for marketing, social enterprise was the best option.

Each shirt = one months worth of school meals and that's that. All other fundraisers for projects I wanted and want to keep clear - the project highlighted, and 100% of donations to go directly to the cause. Like Nelly. Like Mamma. Like the farm, the houses. There are of course costs involved in operating a charity and operating a business - and that's where any additional "profits" go. I'd just prefer those profits to have come via a product / service, rather than a donation - I hope you understand. 

With that in mind I am looking at another fundraiser prior to my 4th trip to Kenya this year. Something to add to the food delivery from the @runnersheal shirts, and to complement the monster farm we shall build thanks to @pedramspath Event over in Vienna next month. 

I'm at brainstorm stage at the moment, but my vision is that the area of Keiyo Valley in the future has self sustaining farms in schools and no child should go hungry. Until this day, we relieve step by step with our food drops and we build farms step by step - via events & crowdfunds . As always, i love to hear your ideas, feedback and any questions you've got on how this small monster works ! Best of wishes, and have a great Sunday evening all ❤️ #werunthis Chris

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