Flying the flag. My marathon challenge for Runners Heal

As Runners Heal is still only 5 months old, raising awareness is high on the agenda. The visions of school children having guaranteed school meals to rely on is strong, and has motivated me to take on a personal challenge to raise awareness of our brand. 

WMM Six Star Majors 

Yep - I want to go at all 6 Majors. Chicago, New York, Boston, London, Berlin & Tokyo. But my goal is to qualify for them in the ' good for age ' categories. New York being the hardest, it means a 2:50 marathon. 1 hour faster than my best marathon time in Paris 6 years ago ! 

So what better place to start the mission and earn the first qualifying time ? 

I ran Paris back in 2012 in honor of my step father who passed away. It was a special city for us, as our favorite time together was infact a charity bike ride to Paris from Birmingham UK. 

So now it's time to go back. Fly the flag for Runners Heal, and of course with fond memories of a special city to me. 

It is going to be a tall challenge. Currently I am far from fit - pneumonia twice in the last 18 months, much heavier than i need to be and no real mileage in my legs since March earlier this year. But it will be Journey of progression. I've got coach Hugo from Kenya on my side, and a strong motivation to start training and living like an athlete for the next years as I tackle this challenge. 

Here is how the marathon calendar will look ;

April 2018 - Paris 

October 2018 - Chicago 

February 2019 - Tokyo 

April 2019 - Boston 

September 2019 - Berlin 

November 2019 - New York 

April 2020 - London 


Wish me luck guys and thanks for following the journey with me ! 








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OMG!!! Amazing dream that we share! I just hope to be able to run them in the next 10 years! ? I wish you the best luck of the world! And if some march you’re bored… Barcelona marathon is not a Major, but it’s nice! ?


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