265,000 meals - thank you


 I first visited Kenya and spent time with children who in many cases were going days without food during the drought season, coupled with the numerous illnesses, I just wanted to do something - anything, to make a difference. 

I love running, athletics and the community surrounding sport in general and knew that I would not be alone in wanting to help. But to think that today we are now shipping daily, worldwide, to fellow runner activists is just amazing. And the number 265k meals is just mind blowing. 

So as I prepare to pack my bags for meal drop number 12 this weekend, I just wanted to thank you all once again for helping me make our dent in the Child hunger issue within Kenya, and hope that you continue to join us on the amazing journey. 




So amazing what I find here. I am learning. You are precious to the world, defs huggable. Travel in peace. Your soothing voice is ALL

Felix chepkener

May Almighty Father in heaven bless you

Felix chepkener

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