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When I visited Turkana 🇰🇪 a few months back, I witnessed first hand period poverty. Girls leaving school in shame and fear of having their periods, as they had no sanitary solutions. They would use rags, or in many cases sit on the sand and wait until the area is clear to hide their blood. 


Education has always been my focus. And alongside school meals, I am delighted to finally be able to offer a product that with a percentage of its profits works with Days For Girls and purchases as a sanitary kit - consisting of re-usable pads, soap, pants, liners and a cute little bag.


One hoody in fact, provides a kit for a girl which can last them up to 3 years ! Even better, the kits are hand made by REBECCA, my friend in this photo who will be trained up by the DFG team on how to make the products. Materials covered by us, and she will then train other women in her community too - so not only are we providing solutions to the girls at school, we are also driving economy and empowerment within. 


To launch the campaign I have put a presale on our first hoodie at @runnersheal , and any #werunthis products purchased during this Black Friday weekend will be sent a free #time4change Turkanan made wristband too ! 


Rebecca and the ladies of Turkana are excited about this project, as am I , and once again I have to say thank you to all our followers who enable us to see out our mission of healing the world through the power running


 Huge love to you all, Chris 


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