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Why South Sudan, and where ? 🇸🇸 •

Question marks are in my mind when I read about the poorest countries in the world. Why ? How ? What is being done ? Can I help ? And South Sudan is an extreme example. •

The worlds newest country has been devastated by Civil War. A huge refugee crisis in Africa, as families desperately escape brutality of the highest order. The result is a crisis, and according to the U.N. earlier in the year - 1.5 million facing starvation, 6 million extreme hunger. •

And where are the extreme cases within ? Well, up there is a place called Renk - right up on the border with Sudan. I am led to believe that malnourished children rates are at their highest here, as access to food is extremely difficult with border restrictions to neighbouring Sudan. Markets are empty, and the result is an unimaginable inflation on the cost of essentials. Renk, is where I am going. •

More info to follow on who am I travelling with shortly, but for now I wanted you to know why Renk , and that my aim to see if our growing community at @runnersheal can take on a school or three to prevent children needing critical treatment - and as you’ve seen from my recent posts, I also will be doing something ‘personally’ within a new project. •

One week to go. Nervous, scared, pressured. I’m gonna need you guys more than ever on this one... 

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So many positive thoughts and hopeful prayers for your peace of mind and heart as you travel to such a devastating area. I know this cause will bring change; I believe it will also bring others to help!


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