Malnourishment 🇸🇸 •

The aim, mission and vision of Runners Heal and my personal dream - is that no child should go hungry. We use school meals as a vehicle to not only relieve hunger, but also drive attendance into schools. •

Now. That of course in certain areas comes as a great challenge. Whether it be due to drought, conflict, politics or natural disaster - millions of children do not get the basic needs, and fall into malnourished state. Stunting growth, and leaving them with poor immune systems. •

Next week I shall visit a clinic which takes in children in this state. Children like 11 month old Deng in this photograph. Their work is at the critical spectrum, life saving - yet I also wish to understand WHY this happens in Renk at a higher scale than anywhere else in South Sudan -

And WHAT , we can do about it - to prevent children like Deng reaching this stage. •

We will do what we can. I will do what I can on my new photography platform. But as always, our vision remains that this above should never happen


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