Impressions of Juba

Blog post from Chris who is in South Sudan ...

Impressions of Juba 🇸🇸

I am pretty well travelled, but the airport here was even for me quite a surprise. The chaos and extremely strict officials ( understandably ) , set the tone for my first impressions of this city.

Photography is challenging. My cameras had the once over in the airport, and under no circumstances can I take pictures of the city - just within zones I am licensed to do so, such as here in the IDP camp of Mangateen.

South Sudan is a country which knows little peace, and therefore home to thousands of internally displaced people - and has lost equal amounts to neighbouring countries in their refugee camps.

Mangateen, is home to displaced people of a displacement camp - yes, no typo. Some of the residents here were forced out of previous camps due to tribal conflicts.

Water is an issue. Food is dispersed in rations, and sanitation is poor. Some estimated 200 people are living inside an old warehouse - the smell, as you’d expect for 200 people living inside an old warehouse in 30+ degree heat. 

Very much a research trip this week. I shall digest and see what if anything I / we can do to assist, but honestly speaking tomorrow is the big one - where I am flying up to Renk which reportedly has the highest levels of malnutrition in South Sudan - and therefore surely, in the world... 

Goodnight all, and until tomorrow 



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