Displacement & School Flooded

School is no more :( 

Perhaps you have seen in recent news, that this year has witnessed terrible flooding across Africa.

More specifically for us, one of the schools we have supported since day one is now completely under. The community, as you can see from the image above, have needed to relocate as the floods have forced them from their homes. 

For now, the children that are officially back at school ( not all age groups due to Covid19 ) are having their lessons under the shelter of a tree, before going back home to their make shift shelters. 

Much to my sadness, I witnessed children trying to fish from these waters and drinking from it. 

Unfortunately this community is not alone, as thousands across Kenya close to the lakes have been displaced - so our conversations at government level are not making much progress. We of course want to try and assist in the best way possible so hopefully more to come on this in the near future. 

For now the teachers assure me that continuing our school and home food programming is at least relieving hunger during these challenging times.

If anyone has any great ideas on how we can support further, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. 



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